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hi there im saru and i am in love with my oc dux


     This is  mostly just all of my bookmarks jumbled into one post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But yeah, my computer’s been acting funky so I decided I'd put all my horror-related bookmarks into a masterlist. uvu It’s quite trigger heavy, so if you have severe anxiety or paranoia I wouldn’t recommend clicking on any of the playable games or videos. ;v; Also, none of the websites or video links have viruses, or none that I know of. uvu Most of them are youtube, megashare, or tubeplus. If any of the links are dead, please tell me so I can fix them! (・´ェ`・)

(´っω・*)゚・。Trigger Warnings; cannibalism, horror, gore, child abuse, self harm, suicide mention, death mention, nsfw, animal abuse.

353 entries — 10 categories

Articles; 22 entries

naked man jumps from window, attacks woman ❤ florida woman ‘brands’ children for identification purposes ❤ woman steals wig and bites a chunk out of the store owner’s arm ❤ man allegedly murders son over cable bill; attempts suicide ❤ camden nj mother decapitates son then commits suicide ❤ flesh eating drug krokodil makes its way to u.s. ❤ bath salt zombies ❤ woman tries to toss child in ocean after claiming him to be possessed ❤ human remains may be clue to serial killer ❤ swedish men warned of testicle eating fish ❤ man arrested for killing, eating cat, was found wearing body parts as jewelry ❤ zombie invasion moves to china ❤ slender man linked to teen attack and vegas shooting ❤ man goes on killing spree using splitting maul as weapon❤ antichrist among us? texas woman believes so and tries to kill him ❤ teen beats parents to death after ipod taken away❤ hermit twins found in easy chairs three years after death ❤ slenderman murder attempt – girls stab friend 19 times to please slender man ❤ mobsters eat remains of traitor ❤ woman pleads guilty to dismembering man, setting pieces on fire auction of the dead ❤ swedish cannibal finds love, writes blog ❤ cannibalistic killer extradited from florida

First-Person Stories; 42 entries

it’s been almost a year since i posted the story of my first encounter with a ouija board. things have gotten much worse. ❤ the scarecrow game ❤ i used to be in a cult [ 2, 3, 4, 5] ❤ my neighbor is killing people who hurt me. i need help. i need a lot of help. i’m not lying. please help. [2] ❤ do not use a ouija Board ❤ why my father fears closets ❤ "the copycat neighbors" ❤ i’m a cop ❤ the soul game ❤ this is why we can’t have nice things ❤ lost a bet. have to spend the night alone in an abandoned psychiatric prison ❤ should i play this game? [2] ❤ these are the last texts my brother sent me before he went missing [2, 3, 4, 5] ❤ my neighbors creepy obsession with my daughter [2] ❤ my filthy teenage neighbor and her beautiful daughter b. ❤ my dad might be a time traveler ❤ text message saved my dads life and I have no logical explanation on what happened ❤ my stalker from 12 years ago has found me again ❤ i’m part of a mommy group and i just got totally creeped out by my friend’s daughter ❤ there are three rules to the game ❤ betsy the doll ❤ does anyone know a good plumber? i did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. and there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen ❤ i found a cellphone on the train and now i think i might be in trouble ❤ a ouija board is NOT good idea… EVER ❤ jesus camp ❤ hunting with my father ❤ friends ❤ about me and my best friend, and the girl that took a picture of us ❤ a little game with an imaginary friend ❤ 25 years ago exactly something happened to me. my wife is making me write about it. it’s becoming too much. i’m taking a break to get a bottle of whiskey ❤ we learn new things about our parents everyday [2, 3] ❤ her name was emma ❤ my son liked insects ❤ i found this on my girlfriend’s computer…what the hell?! ❤ my father ❤ so i’m taking my dog out for a walk at 3am when a i see young kid riding his bike ❤ my dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on facebook. i’ve got the screenshots. i don’t know what to do ❤ i think my father is trying to kill me ❤ i think my father is trying to kill me (different story) ❤ a short story of the game of hide and seek when i was a kid in montenegro ❤ she found her way into my home ❤ he’s not home yet, but that’s okay 

Websites; 20 entries

creepypasta ❤ dionaea house ❤ zombo.com ❤ exit mundi ❤ /r/nosleep ❤ takethislollipop (needs a facebook) ❤ castle of spirits ❤ the ghost show ❤ find a grave ❤ shaye saint john ❤ blog of joseph e. duncan ❤ dianetics (tw; flashing lights and epilepsy warning) ❤ the spc foundation ❤ truthism ❤ anasomnia ❤ page of ted ❤ zoomquilt ❤ superbad ❤ the jonestown mass suicide death tape ❤ ghosts and stories

Games; 42 entries

alice mare ❤ seventh night ❤ ao oni ❤ boy ichiro’s modesty ❤ shiro no noroi ❤ answered prayers ❤ forest of animals ❤ corpse party - IF ❤ corpse party - IF past end ❤ corpse party - rebuilt ❤ corpse party zero ❤ desperate love feast ❤ my father’s long, long legs ❤ infectious nightmare ❤ re:kinder ❤ killer bear ❤ scp - containment vreach ❤ reaper ❤ lisa ❤ save me ❤ paranoiac ❤ schuld ❤ paranormal syndrome ❤ substitute sacrifice girl ❤ do you have a grudge? ❤ rust and blood ❤ seven mysteries ❤ the pierley/redford dissociative affect diagnostic ❤ sick mind ❤ skinwalker  ❤ annie96 is typing… ❤ the burning room ❤ the grudge ❤ ok-su station ghost ❤ exmortis ❤ real horror stories ❤ cellar door ❤ the house 2 ❤ where’s my baby? ❤ red asylum ❤ slender ❤ deep sleep 

Wikipedia Articles; 85 entries

bubbly creek ❤ the grinning man ❤ mary toft ❤ bloody mary ❤ kennedy curse ❤ the juniper tree ❤ albert fish ❤ wandering jew ❤ the monster with 21 faces ❤ h. h. holmes ❤ grey goo ❤ kate morgan ❤ self-immolation ❤ list of unusual deaths ❤ incorruptibility ❤ hill of crosses ❤ jack the ripper ❤ goatman ❤ junko furuta ❤ devil’s footprints ❤ stargate project ❤ pripya ❤ alien hand syndrome ❤ mothman ❤ rod ferrell ❤ starchild skull ❤ donner party ❤ penis panic ❤ owlman ❤ string theory ❤ shadow people ❤ reality shift ❤ out of place artifact ❤ black dahlia ❤ crawfordsville monster ❤ koro ❤ philadelphia experiment ❤ glasgow smile ❤ roswell ufo incident ❤ david parker ray ❤ d. b. cooper ❤ total information awareness ❤ grey alien ❤ joachim kroll ❤ peter kurten ❤ gilles de rais ❤ alien abduction ❤ joseph vacher ❤ catacombe dei cappuccini ❤ villisca axe murders ❤ grace sherwood ❤ loveland frog ❤ the hermitage ❤ jatinga ❤ sankebetsu brown bear incident❤ mongolian death worm ❤ the sick child ❤ dysaesthesia aethiopica ❤ lamia ❤ black paintings ❤ shirime ❤ lina medina ❤ exploding head syndrome ❤ quantum suicide and immortality ❤ mokele mbembe ❤ spontaneous human combustion ❤ dulce base ❤ chandre oram ❤ oscar ❤ men in black ❤ vladimir demikhov ❤ the great red dragon paintings ❤ bloop ❤ retroactive continuity ❤ elizabeth bathory ❤ delphine lalaurie ❤ silverpilen ❤ polybius ❤ guided rat ❤ robert j. white ❤ chelyabinsk meteor ❤ armin meiwes ❤ big crunch ❤ belchen tunnel ❤ moberly jourdain incident

Manga/Comics; 47 entries
the enigma of amigara fault ❤ the sound of grass ❤ fetish ❤ fetus collection (nsfw) ❤ fat ❤ splatter film ❤ uzumaki ❤ in the valley of mirrors ❤ library of illusions ❤ super glue (nsfw) ❤ jinji ito ❤ saiteihen no otoko ❤ the seashore ❤ the town without streets ❤ the dark drinks blood ❤ jisatsu circle ❤ alone with you ❤ falling ❤ fasting ❤ frankensteinfuan no tane ❤ house of puppets ❤ the roar of ages ❤ the window next door ❤ graveman ❤ manga of the dead ❤ army of one ❤ oral cavity infectious syndrome (nsfw) ❤ the two sisters ❤ long dream ❤ the back alley ❤ harakiri (nsfw) ❤ hellstar remina ❤ the woman next door ❤ glyceride ❤ abstraction (nsfw) ❤ the scarlet circle ❤ songs in the dark ❤ the thing that drifted ashore ❤ mimi’s ghost stories ❤ message ❤ rainy day ❤ school photo ❤ taken ❤ snapshot ❤ harassment ❤ ascent ❤ the ear slashing monk 
Videos; 46 entries

psycho make up tutorial mishap ❤ ghost girl crying ❤ pantry ghost ❤ the orphanage ❤ ghost drags a man down a hallway ❤ don’t work late at night ❤ demon hands ❤ there’s nothing under the bed ❤ there’s someone on my bed ❤ don’t turn off the lights ❤ demon zozo possesses girl ❤ one missed call ❤ sinister ❤ human centipede ❤ the shining ❤ children of the corn ❤ the grudge ❤ insidious ❤ nightmare on elm street ❤ the exorcist ❤ texas chainsaw massacre ❤ blair witch project ❤ night of the living dead ❤ scream ❤ the evil dead ❤ the exorcism of emily rose ❤ the purge ❤ pet semetery ❤ halloween ❤ coraline ❤ the nightmare before christmas ❤ tim burton’s alice in wonderland ❤ sweeney todd ❤ corpse bride ❤ edward scissorhands ❤ beetlejuice ❤ frankenweenie ❤ marble hornets ❤ marble hornets - totheark ❤ mrcreepypasta ❤ screaming ghost ❤ i have the body of a pig ❤ no through road ❤ bloody mary part one [part two] ❤ teresa fidalgo ❤ mama motion tests ❤ human-like robots

Blogs; 26 entries

85anti ❤ 365daysofhorror ❤ bewarethehorrorblog ❤ creepy—pasta ❤ creepycollections ❤ creepypastaisrad ❤ creepypastastuff ❤ death-is-legion ❤ fakefuneral ❤ fuckyeahcreepypasta ❤ fuckyeahnightmares ❤ fuckyeahspookyshit ❤ fyeahcreepyshit ❤ fyeahcreepythings ❤ goback2sleep ❤ hellooblivion ❤ horrordeconstruction ❤ horrorharbour ❤ horrorking ❤ littleblogofhorror ❤ mullhawkmustdie ❤ old-creepypasta ❤ plagueofinsects ❤ sixpenceee ❤ spiraphobia ❤ thehorrornetwork

Other Masterlists; 14 entries

a little list of horror/mystery/abstract rpgs

top 5 fake documentaries

top psychological thriller movies masterpost

creepy wikipedia articles masterpost

masterpost of true terrifying events

masterpost of creepy wikipedia articles

creepy website masterpost [ updated vers ]

masterpost of creepy online games

masterpost of all horror games

masterpost of creepy stories

masterpost of foreign horror films

creepy lost episodes complication

everything on terrifying dolls

masterpost of the world’s scariest places

Others; 9 entries

ways to contact the dead

meaning behind nursery rhymes

glitch experiences

creepy facts compilation

use an ouija board online

horror pranks

paranormal science resources

map of paranormal creatures in the usa

alien abduction experiences

┐(´∀`) And that’s the end! I hope you guys enjoy scaring yourselves.

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